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Personal Assisted Living for Seniors and
Individuals with -Medical (neo-era) and basic medical materials Intervention in the United States and Around the World; a Non-Profit Organization and part of the changing - Democracy - Prosperity for everyone including the poor.
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stand Medical Foundation & International Trade Incorporated.
Our goal is to help our clients
achieve the best quality of life
possible. We understand
that one solution does not
fit every situation, so we take
the time to listen and learn about each client's needs
and preferences.
This enables us to tailor
a care program that maximizes
the client's independence
and dignity.
Understandably, most seniors and individuals with disabilities 
prefer to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes or apartments.
This is more doable than you may think.
We can arrange for medical and non-medical visits from Registered nurses, physical therapists, social workers and home care aides.
      We help kids from income family around the world by building shelters,
and hospitals so they can have a better day in Africa,
 Asia and South America there is a kid who is dying because he is lacking
for foods to eat, to stay and proper health care. so by given your donation, 
your action would help change more than a hundred life around the world.
      As we continue in the plan for help, Charity Medical foundation & IT Inc.,
 would Third-World Countries seeking medical attention,
by furnishing medication and  against Malaria, Cholera, Yellow-Fever
Tuberculosis, Cancer, Polio and also we will HIV and AIDS around the world
  in Africa where HIV the most, by helping individuals who
cannot afford treatment with medications and we will be
promoting sections classes to educate people on the methods of prevention of HIV and
 Sexual Transmitted will also  Hospitals of Third-World
Countries like  Africa, South America include Caribbean countries and Asia with 
Medical Equipments to encourage those nations to develop a better health care
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Daily or weekly services include:
  • Instruct daily living skills to mentally ill developing independent
     living skills such as proper hygiene, budgeting, shopping, and cooking.
  • Advocate and represent patients to all appointments.
  • Ensure patients adherence to doctor prescription recommendations;
     monitor medication compliance.
  • Provide progress information to member and insured
     patients are comfortable and safe.
  • Provide budgetary oversight and help patients to deposit their belong
    checks in their
  • Work on the patients schedule and ongoing counseling appointments.
     assess individual needs and respond with case
    management actions.
  • Coordinate patient services with families' member and work on the
     housing Redevelopment.
  • Review Social life and re-insured patient's ability to communicate
     and increase skills daily.
  • .
  • Provide case management skills to in house
     by writing medical progress report in the medical chart.
  • Assess patient by following the medical treatment and family needs;
     provide information and referrals to appropriate community agencies.
  • Monitor and safety of unit.
  • Provide treatment daily by applying IV, giving injection and medication to patient.
  • Coordinate services with patient and Family on patient treatment progress.
  • Conduct home visits with parents or advocate; ensure environment
     for all family members.
      Whether you need short-term recovery or long-term care, please give
       us a call at Office/Fax: (513) 832-2805 or email at


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