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Impossibility is an illusion for those who believe in God. A vision without action is an hallucination; but a vision with action is realization. So one's experience would always be the beginning of a new chapter to be unveiled in one's life.
Our greatest treasure is not natural possessions or money, but is that which is hidden deep within our own subconscious. Saying so, life is a recurrent expression of similar events manifested differently as time unfold in a progressive circle of growth; thus, by observing the past, we cannot doubt that every event that ever occurs related to one another in that progressive circle of growth. 501(c) (3)
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 INTRO TO WAVE MEDICINE (Epigenomics and wave genomics) ~ the future of medicine
Service above self. THY GENESIS PROJECT.    

After 17 years of Conspiracy against me, in the name of Adonai El-Shalom El-Shaddai El-Elyon Elohim Yahweh   
Its Verb: "Fear nothing, I'M"Elohim1, P.1.      

CMFIT Global in Support of the Vatican Global Peace Process

This is neither hallucination nor PTSD a pure the result from the experience of my humanistic endurance. Therefore, as a US Congressional Order of recipient, I’m not in any illusion it would be an easy I’m requesting the US Senate, Congress, and  to support me regain my identity to serve humanity, and contract Article 5 of the U.S. I'm please requesting the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court to assist me revised the Executive Order that is Blocking my Financial growth. 
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Let Work Together for a stronger Tomorrow...Donate to advance the VisionExploring new Frontier for a better TomorrowMy life Experience represent the pure manifestation of thy living GOD. Higher Education for farther frontiers 2011Gabriel Dikong, MSc(Biostatistics), DrPH(c), BMIN(Graduate Study)CMFIT Global Consultant' Communities' involvement I am hated by the people of the land. This is entirely the Great Architect of the Universe regards to believe that the government has acted quite without reason, but even before my difficulties, I foresaw that this kind would occur, and I resolved that, and whatever might happen, I must not bear any hatred toward anyone, as my determination has perhaps being an act of prayers, for I have been able to come safely throughout my trials.
GND, in knowledge of those before me.

We should Fear Not...Wellness through Communities' Participation                                                                
Recogizing the Origin for a stronger Tomorrow